Hi, there!

Aha! You’d like to know more about me…

I’m guessing if you’re here you like my blog and aren’t here for my contact details to send me a smelly shoe. (Although, if it’s a magical smelly shoe it’s most welcome.)

Well, I’m a dreamer, a traveller, a foodie and a Plutonian who is happiest with her bags packed, and has constant a look of wonder in her eyes. I am always looking for opportunities to travel, so if you want to team up for a travel gig, suggest an alternative travelling kinda job… just holler, and I shall be there! I particularly delight in the quirkiness of life and human behaviour, and am perpetually looking for opportunities to laugh. (Heck! I even laugh when there ain’t any reason to! :-P)

This idea of this blog is to document for my, and other’s benefit, my travels around my wonderful country India, and the world. As I go along, I hope to have friends and fellow enthusiasts contribute to the collection. There shall be reviews of places, restaurants, books and travel-related thingummajigs; tips and tops; picture galleries; planned events; bucket list checks; trivia; and as many things as I can think of that makes this life worth living. You’re free to suggest more…

The name for this blog actually came from one of my editors, who called me The Barefoot Traveller while I was walking about barefoot (as usual) in office, much to his annoyance. 😀 The name stuck… I love it because it implies a sense of connect with the places I go, and at the same time a disconnect with things I otherwise don’t need.

For a more personal take on life and thereabouts, I have my other blog: Agateophilic: I Swear on Scarlett. So, if you’re REALLY keen, do drop in there as well.

I read somewhere that Travelling is the best form of education… and that’s been my motto ever since! I hope you enjoy this effort ‘o mine, and I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop in a line saying what you think… that way, I’ll keep going!


5 comments on “Hi, there!

  1. Hello Shruti! I am a blogger for several food websites based in New York City and I would love to get a comment or two from you regarding the recent opening of Indian Accent, adjacent to Le Parker Méridien in NYC. I’m curious as to what you think the impact of this opening will be on modern Indian cuisine in New York?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Chelsea. Thanks for stopping by. Not sure if this is too late for your piece but in case you’re still looking, here goes: Indian Accent in Delhi is THE place for gourmet Indian food in the Capital, and it’s expected that it will be the same in NYC as well. What sets IA apart from other Indian restaurants is its experimentation with Indian flavours being transformed into a dish that looks sophisticated and international, and that’s what I expect it will bring to diners in NYC — A different perspective on Indian cuisine, without compromising on its authentic and burst of spicy flavours that the cuisine is known for. Indians love to hold on to what is traditional (and justifiably so), but what restaurants like IA do is retain that traditional core but give it a modern accent (both visually and in technique) that would excite the palates of world gourmands of NYC.
      Hope this helps. Best, S

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